Automative Range

We offer batteries at lowest cost per kg battery weight in the market giving customers maximum bang for the buck he spends. Our products are widely renowned for their outstanding value for money and ease of use.

Our usage of orthorhombic starting oxide in paste making, customized ingredient concentrations in alloy for grid casting, judicious usage of performance enhancing additives, enveloping separators in battery making and a production philosophy to get it right the first time and every time helps us to make batteries meeting high standards in customer satisfaction levels.

The batteries manufactured by us are heavy duty by way of thick selenium grids which are corrosion resistant and provide higher life by way of extra mass that they have. The batteries last for more than 5 min 30 sec when discharged @ 3 times capacity current to an end voltage of 8 volts, which is enough cranking power. In the case of life test in our laboratory the batteries are subjected to continuous cycling of discharge current @ 0.1C (capacity) for 1 hour and charge current @ 0.1 C (capacity ) for 4 hours for 36 cycles and rested for 96 hours before a high rate discharge test is run on the battery as stated above i.e. 3 C ( capacity ) current drawn till an end voltage of 8 volts. This constitutes one life cycle of the battery test. The automotive range of batteries is rated at c 20 capacity rating

Hi-Sep. composite separator used in automotive series result quantum leap in battery performance in the following areas.
1.> Battery life enhancement by a large margin
2.>Better cranking in all weather condition
3.>Low water consumption

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