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Pradip Charcoal Co.


Durgapur Expressway, Dankuni
Hooghly:- 712310,P.O.- Dankuni Coal Complex
West Bengal, India.

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10, Upper Chitpur road, Kolkata - 700 007,
West Bengal, India,

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Pradip Gupta

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Our Products

Screened Charcoal
We provide the screened charcoal as per the customer rquireent. Size of Screened charcol are 3/4inches and 1 inches. Used for smelting of precious metal like gold, Power Plant.
Unscreened Charcoal
It is a mix charcoal with less than 30percentage of undersized charcoal and dust.
Undersized charcoal
Size of undersized charcoal 1/4 inches to 1 inches. Used for Earthing, smelting of precious metal like gold.
Dust charcoal
Size is less than 1/4 inches. Used in Agarbati Industries, Cracker Industries, Match Box industries etc.
Pradip Charcoal Co.
10, Upper Chitpur Road
Kolkata - 700 007
W.B. , India