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Our Products

Screened Charcoal

We provide the screened charcoal as per the customer rquireent. Size of Screened charcol are 3/4inches and 1 inches. Used for smelting of precious metal like gold, Power Plant.

Unscreened Charcoal

It is a mix charcoal with less than 30percentage of undersized charcoal and dust.

Undersized charcoal

Size of undersized charcoal 1/4 inches to 1 inches. Used for Earthing, smelting of precious metal like gold.

Dust charcoal

Size is less than 1/4 inches. Used in Agarbati Industries, Cracker Industries, Match Box industries etc.


Company Prfile

About Us

Pradip Charcoal Company was formed in the year 1978. We are the largest distributor of the charcoal in east india .Our clients spread all over India.

We provide a variety of charcoal. We strive to maintain the highest standard in product availability and customer service. Known for its quality and support, .....

Pradip Charcoal Co.
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